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For Schools

At The Finishing Academy of Ireland, we aim to assist young people to achieve life skills required to excel in today’s world.

We will empower young people with the perfect mix of contemporary and traditional qualities that will ensure they stand out from the crowd as individuals and professionals.

This course is run either at our centre or at your school or college.

This is an ideal complement to any transition year programme.

Topics covered include

  • Personal/professional goal setting and interview techniques – how to construct a CV, successful interview skills and the appropriate clothing/image for interviews.
  • General Etiquette – appropriate behaviour for different situations.
  • Image and style – different colours and body shapes, helping students with choice of clothes, accessories and image advice.
  • Nutrition and Personal Grooming – health, vitality and fitness – the importance of a healthy diet and a positive body image, Beauty, skincare, nail care, hair care and make-up.
  • Elegance – showing students how to sit, stand and walk properly and the importance of good posture and poise.